Our Mission in Samalearning

We have seen a lot of Graduates and Post Graduates with good grades and best colleges get certified for their IT courses but still they don`t get a job in IT industry,It`s because the unawareness of the path and the proper skill set in them where they land into non IT jobs where the job role and responsibilities are totally different about what they studied and which is very sad.In samalearning we ensure each of our student get proper skill set to get IT job.

What We Offer

Beginner Courses

In Beginner Course we provide only subject oriented coaching to students for better understanding of the subjects.

Defensive Courses

Defensive courses are the ones which provide subject oriented classes with a IT course well structured so that you get proper skill set to get a IT job.

Realworld Projects

Final year project and Live project will be provided when you enroll in samalearning.

Progress Tracking

Live progress tracking for students in terms of industry standards

Lessons Plans

All the courses and subjects are well lessoned and planned according to the industry standards.


Get a Confidence boosting and spoken english sessions free in samalearning.

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